Ten Things I Learned This Week

Freelance writing is educational: One day I may learn all about endowment funds, the next I may learn how to pick a memorable name for your business. At the end of each week, I like to review what I learned and pick the most useful, interesting or just plain wacky.

Ten Things I Learned This Week:

1. French is the official language in 29 countries.
2. If you need a question answered, ask your Twitter friends.
3. Madrid has more cloudless days than any other European capitol.
4. There's a reason they say "let sleeping dogs lie."
5. Heartworm is on the rise in some U.S. cities.
6. Spring isn't spring anymore. Sometimes it's summer, and sometimes it's winter.
7. By age 80, 50 percent of Americans will suffer some impairment from Alzheimer's or other dementia.
8. You can get "certified" in pretty much anything.
9. On Facebook, you can send someone a Hamster Love Smile or a Shiny Butt Smile.
10. Always end the day by clearing off your desk.

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