The Thursday Thirteen - Why I Like Being a Freelance Journalist

Sure, I'll play. I've seen this meme on other blogs, and thought it looked like fun. Every Thursday you make a list of 13 things on the same subject. And away we go!

Thirteen reasons I like being a freelance journalist:

1. I get paid to learn about everything from art to historic preservation.
2. I meet people I would never meet otherwise.
3. Sometimes, these people become friends.
4. Since I work from home, my "coworkers" are my dogs and cats.
5. Every day is different.
6. I can ask all the questions I want without being considered "nosy."
7. Plus, people don't notice that I rarely talk about myself. Ha! Aren't I sly?
8. I help people tell their stories.
9. I can spend all day at a museum and call it "research."
10. I've written about so many subjects, I can make small talk on almost any topic.
11. This makes me seem A LOT smarter I am. ; )
12. I can do my work at midnight if I'm so inclined -- and I frequently am.
13. Sometimes I get free stuff!

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