The Thursday 13: Mental Vacation

I'm trying to be a good little worker bee, really I am. But I am feeling a bit restless and in need of a day off. So I thought for today's Thursday 13, I'd let myself think about all the places I wish I was, in the hopes of temporarily getting it out of my system. Then maybe I can get back to work. Maybe.

Physically I am at the computer, but mentally I am here:

1. At the State Fair.
2. At the Million Dollar Museum in White's City, N.M. (They had mummies and a really cool fortune-teller machine.)
3. Anywhere my dogs are welcome. : )
4. At any one of the, like 50, concerts I've missed lately.
5. At Starwind, which used to be my favorite store but no longer exists.
6. Anywhere that requires at least an hour's drive.
7. Roller skating.
8. At an arcade.
9. At a midnight showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."
10. At the library.
11. At a poetry reading.
12. At a thrift store, antique shop or garage sale.
13. Somewhere where there's no Internet or cell phone.

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