The Thursday 13: Things I Promise NOT to Do to You on Facebook

1. I will not throw Justin Timberlake, Barack Obama or any other public figure at you.
2. I won't "poke" you.
3. I won't invite you to take every quiz I take.
4. I won't tag you in a photo without your permission.
5. I won't tag you in a note unless you regularly tag me in notes.
6. I won't start a pillow fight, water gun fight or any other kind of virtual war with you -- but will be forced to defend myself if you start one with me. : )
7. I won't send you Farm Town, FarmVille or Mafia Wars gifts unless I know you're an active player.
8. I won't ask you to take my "How well do you know me?" quiz.
9. I won't ask you to join a cause.
10. I won't say anything too private or personal in a wall post or status update comment - after all, I remember how to use e-mail and the telephone.
11. I won't mention you by name in a note without your permission.
12. I won't ask you about your plans for the evening/weekend/lunch, etc. on your Facebook page.
13. I won't post "remember when" comments about grade school, junior high, etc. on your Facebook page.

1 comment:

  1. These made me laugh. I was peer pressured into joining FB, and just can't get into it. Especially after I had Obama thrown at me. EEEK