A Dog's Version of Utopia

The other night, I was watching my dogs, curled up and sleeping peacefully, and I wondered -- what do dogs dream about? Giant chew toys? A never-ending supply of dog biscuits? That cute little Pomeranian down the street? So I went to one of my pups (whose street name is “Sir Humps-A-Lot”) and asked him what dogs dream about. What is it they secretly long for? If they could create their ideal world, what would it be like? This is his response, in his own words:

1. An unlimited supply of dental chews.

2. A ride in the car every day.

3. The humans would fetch for me, for a change.

4. Tennis balls! More tennis balls!

5. Lots of stinky smelly things to roll around in.

6. Plenty of sirens to howl at.

7. I would get brushed every day, but...

8. I would never have my toenails clipped.

9. Mud, mud and more mud.

10. Read my lips: No More Baths!!

(Note: In the interest of fairness, I posed this same question to my felines. Their response will be published next.)

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