Felines At Large

We are not pleased.

Our human, who normally caters to our every whim, had the audacity to devote an entire post to, of all things, DOGS!! Oh, the humanity! We, her devoted feline companions, take this to be an outrageous insult. An entire post devoted to a dog’s version of Utopia? Well, I never! She said, "in the interest of fairness," she would ask for our version of Utopia, and would dedicate her next post to our response. Well, that just ain’t gonna cut it, Sister. That’s why we are hijacking her blog, effective immediately. And if she wants to regain control of it, she will have to meet the following demands:

1. We want our own wing of the house.

2. Absolutely, positively, no more nail trimming.

3. Freedom to claw on whatever we want.

4. Evian or Perrier only, please.

5. And we want it refrigerated.

6. More sunny spots to sleep in.

7. You will play with us a minimum of five hours a day.

8. There will always be an available lap to curl up in.

9. An endless supply of catnip.

10. Read our lips: No More Dogs!

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