It's said we all have a double, or doppelganger. More than likely, this person is halfway across the world, so we'll never meet them, and they'll never disrupt our lives in any way. That is not the case for me. It seems that my doppelganger lives right here in my very own city. Not only that, but she apparently visits the same shops, restaurants and other establishments I do. Shop owners frequently insist they have seen me before, and even say they remember what day it was and what we talked about. Since I don't remember recently having had discussions about quantum physics or cigars, I'm sure they have me confused with someone else.

I used to think I just had a common face, but it's becoming difficult to dismiss this as "coincidence."Even when I took a job in another town, one to which I'd never been before, I routinely met people who swore they'd met me. It's now down to three possibilities, each more baffling than the next: the doppelganger theory, split personality or astral travel. Of those, the doppelganger idea is definitely the most plausible. There's one thing that really perplexes me, though -- I know she's the one following me, so why does she always get there first? And what kind of damage might she do to my reputation? So far, she's apparently been an upstanding, law-abiding citizen, but what if she decides to wreak a little havoc? I could find myself with some explaining to do.

"Glass half full" person that I am, though, I'm starting to see some advantages to this situation. After all, how many people can legitimately use the "evil twin" excuse ?


  1. oh this is so intriguing!!! and kinda freaky...i was at the mall last night school clothes shopping and we went to checkout at the 1st store and the lil guy says oh hi it's again did you forget something...and i just kinda looked at him like huh? and he says werent you just in here....weird i know

  2. I know. Even though it's happened to me for years, it still freaks me out a little every time. :)