Just wondering...

How odd. It seems I have nothing to say today. I do have plenty of questions, however, swirling around in my brain and making me quite dizzy. Maybe if I release a few of them out into the blogosphere, they'll find someone better able to aid them with their quest for self-discovery. More than likely, though, they'll boomerang right back to me. One small request: please don't give me a concussion this time.

So, my little ones, off you go. I'm afraid there's nothing more I can do for you.

1. Should I dye my hair purple?

2. Why is the thing you're looking for always in the last place you look? ; )

3. What would happen if I did everything I'm supposed to do, when I'm supposed to do it? Because I fear the earth might spin off its axis or Hell might freeze over. At the very least, everyone would have to find someone else to nag.

4. Where are these things? My Iggy Pop t-shirt, the 3-D glasses I've had since grade school, the class photo from the Yukon Citizens Fire Academy and the cruddy tweezers I never really liked but are adequate so I'm too cheap to replace them.

5. How the heck did I end up being the sane one?


  1. LOL You are always so funny. Dye your hair purple, then post pics!

  2. 1)purple...really?
    2)murphys law or some ancient chinese secret cuz that is always my luck
    3)we are women...we do not do everything when we are suppose to do it...we are either early or late..embrace it...I have
    4)i can only answer on on the twezzer home front...i have lost mine and if you find em can you send em my way?
    5)sane is a state of mind...I claim it around here allll the time...again embrace it..cuz mine comes and goes

    you made me laugh this afternoon...TY