The Week in Facebook Quizzes

Yes, I am a quiz-a-holic. No point in denying it; after all, my Facebook friends are subjected to my endless stream of quizzes on a more or less daily basis. Besides, they're fun and some of them are actually pretty accurate. (I don't think I should reveal which ones, though.

So what did I learn about myself this week? Here are a few of the highlights:

1. What kind of girlfriend are you? "Best friend"
2. Who were you in a past life? "Queen"
3. What's your dream job? "Homicide detective"
4. How will you get famous? "Teen idol"
5. What animal are you? "Llama"


  1. LOL those FB quizes can be so addicting! why are we not friends?

  2. I fear my quiz addiction is progressing. Lately, I've been considering writing a quiz of my own. And I will probably do it eventually. Sure wish someone would pay me to write quizzes.